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Littlefield Confections

With Littlefield Confections, you can rely on what you’re getting each and every time—an expertly dosed, high quality cannabis edible. They also just happen to be delicious.


Please enjoy responsibly!

our products

Our team of cannabis confectioners and chocolatiers create high quality, precisely dosed edibles that you can trust. We craft each batch with your utmost satisfaction in mind, and take pride in offering Mainers delicious, top-tier edibles.


Our sugar-dusted gummies are packed full of fruity flavor with a soft and delicate texture.

Our tasty bite-sized drops are dosed to perfection with a specialized formula.


Our rich, smooth, artisan-made chocolates have just the right amount of crunch.

Our caramels are sprinkled with sea-salt for an exceptionally sweet and salty flavor.


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Where to Buy

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