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Beer & Weed Magazine Part 2

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

So how are they?

This reviewer got an early preview of the caramels, in temporary packaging, and tried 5mg and 10mg portions over the course of a couple of days.

For sure, the whiskey flavor is there, but it’s not high in the flavor profile, as though you just washed the caramel down with a shooter. Rather, it’s a smokey-sweet ambiance, giving way to the sugary-sweet and milky after-taste. The consistency is the real winner, a velvety experience, melting away as you suck on it, with none of the hardness or tackiness that some cheap caramel delivers.

As for the buzz, the “fuller spectrum” experience is real, a buzz that starts in your stomach and glows through the tips of your fingers. Everyone’s tolerance will be different, but

5mg was a just-noticeable warmth, while 10mg delivered that feeling where every 10 minutes you think, “oh, right, I’m stoned.”

If you’re eating straight-THC edibles, give these a try and compare the experience.

You probably won’t go back.

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